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Certificate Pinning in Windows 10 UWP app

Certificate Pinning in Windows 10 UWP app To add certificate pinning in windows 10 UWP apps 1. Go to package-appxmanifest 2. Select Declaration tab. 3. Select Certificate and add it from available declarations drop down menu. 4. Copy your .cer file and paste it to project folder. 5. Select the file and change its build action to Content from properties. 6. Select exlusive trust and auto select option from declaration tab. 7. Provide store name for selected certificate.( If certificate type is root then Store Name would be "Root", if it is "Intermediate" Store Name would be "CA" and if it is other then store name would be "TrustedPeople"). 8. Browse certificate file or give path for .cer.
Now try to run execute your scenario. Hope this will be helpful.